Does it even make sense to create Shared Service Center?

Should companies go for centralization of back-up functions and creation of Shared Service Centers? If so, when and how to do that? How to get prepared for such a project?

These and some other questions were answered by Mariusz Szałaj during his speech on last conference organized by Digital Finance Excellence on Warsaw Stock Exchange. The whole recording is available here (Polish version only).

The value of process oriented management. Automation in finance.

"The value of process oriented management.Automation in finance" these are the topics of a business meeting organized by Digital Finance Excellence in Warsaw Stock Exchange on Friday 28th September.  Mariusz Szałaj opened the discus

Shared & Business Services Congress

Shared & Business Services Congress took place on 26th and 27th September in Rzeczpospolita headquarter in Warsaw. 4Synchronicity team was present there and conducted 2 workshops: “Standardization and continuous improvement of business processes” and “Effective management of business process migration”. Thank you to all the participants for a very dynamic and interactive discussion!

F&A with no secrets

Another BSS Tour event organized by Pro Progressio took place on September 11th in Bydgoszcz. This time the topic of the conference was “F&A with no secrets”. 4Synchronicity was represented by Mariusz Szałaj, who took part in two panel sessions: “Finance services in Europe” and “F&A professionals – business expectations vs. the reality of education sector”.


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