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Support in obtaining investment incentives

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Support in obtaining investment incentives

In Poland there is a wide range of incentives available for organizations planning to increase employment or investment activities. Both Polish and foreign companies can benefit from government grants, tax exemptions or instruments co-financed by European Funds. We advise on selecting the most beneficial options and guide companies through the entire process of obtaining incentives - from completing the documentation to settling the project. We also assist in conducting talks with the institutions responsible for individual programs.

Area of specialization

  • Information on regional aid schemes available for new investment projects (grant for job creation and/or capital expenditure)
  • Advice on the application process and criteria affecting the grant
  • outsourcing
  • implementation of new technologies
  • A comprehensive or tailor-made service including: work on the application, preparation of an incentive effect analysis (alternative scenarios) and a public aid application to the authority granting the aid

Complexity of projects: obtaining incentives for Polish and foreign entities employing between 35 and 500 new workers

Results of completed projects and outreach: most Polish cities, including Warsaw (specific conditions: area 'c' within the meaning of the EU regulations on public aid)